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Welcome to The Fitness Barre!

We are thrilled to announce The Fitness Barre is officially OPEN for business!  We also want to send out a HUGE Thank You to each and every one of you that came to the studio during our soft opening to partake in classes.

As the owner of the Fitness Barre, I sincerely hope you enjoyed our instructors, the environment, and the variety of classes we offer.  The input we received from the surveys you filled out to the conversations we had, were so helpful in letting us know exactly what you want out of your chosen studio.  With that being said………. You Spoke & We Listened! Check out our website, for our New Schedule starting December 1st! We’ve added two 5AM workouts for you early birds; and……….get ready for it……….ZUMBA! We couldn’t be happier to announce the addition to our variety here at TFB. Log onto our website and check out all the new time slots for classes; and one more thing, never be afraid to….shall I say it?...TRY something new!? You are so much more capable than you know and all of us, every instructor here, is here for you, to challenge you, to help you, to guide you, and motivate you! We want to see you succeed at your health and fitness goals, and push you to reach new ones.

We’re striving to do something DIFFERENT at The Fitness Barre; and that is to offer group fitness classes for every Like, every Level, everyONE, every Day!   We’re not just a barre or yoga studio…Oh No!, we’re far more!  Variety is the spice of life; and let’s face it, doing the same routine at the gym or at home gets boring.  But at The Fitness Barre, we’ll hold you accountable and continue to challenge you in our workouts.

For more information about us, the studio, our classes, and the lifestyle we love, live and preach check out our social media pages and our blog!  (All social media links and our blog can be found on the homepage)

Please help us spread the word about our studio by liking us on Facebook and getting your friends to partake in a class with you!  Remember, new clients get to try their first class on us!

Once more, we sincerely thank you for your participation and feedback!  We hope to see you in class again soon!

Stay happy and healthy,

Morgan Day
Owner, TFBarre