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Spring at The Fitness Barre!

Hello and Happy Spring from The Fitness Barre!

Are you as glad as we are to finally see the light of day again! We know how hard the winter can be on everyone to find motivation to get out of the house, let alone keep a good workout routine. But the winter weather is over, the sun is shining and we know what that means….spring breaks and swimsuit season are right around the corner! The time to slim down and shape up is NOW.

Remember those things we started in January - “Resolutions”…well, if you’ve stuck to your goals you should be 3 months into a great routine! <And GOOD FOR YOU!! > But if you haven’t kept up as well as you’d like, how would you rank your progress towards your resolution this year? I’ll be honest, I made a goal to write in my journal every day; and I have failed. BUT, it’s not about harboring the ill feelings of failure, it’s about taking the steps you can make to work toward your goal, no matter what the excuses you may find yourself using. I’m not NOT going to continue to write in my journal just because I’ve missed a few days or even weeks. Instead of giving up and saying, “maybe next year”, I made it a point to move my journal by my bedside. That way, I can write as soon as I wake, or when I’m winding down for bed. My goal didn’t change, but how I went about it had to, in order for me to stick with it. If you’ve made the same resolution year after year and you find yourself failing, what changes can you make to take baby steps toward a better routine? Don’t give up on yourself or your goals, make the necessary changes in order to achieve success!


If getting into better shape or making exercise a part of your weekly routine is a goal of yours, then we’re here to help!  Here at TFB, we’re shaking things up with a fresh Spring schedule starting April 6th.  (Check it out online at  And don’t forget about our awesome deal going on this month: April 12 month lock-in rate, unlimited monthly classes for $125/mo.

Do you know anyone interested in trying out a class at TFB?? If so, bring them into our New Member Partner Fitness class on April 18th @ 2pm.  It’s a neat way for new members to try us out for Free without the intimidation factor of being the only newbie.  We know it can be scary joining a new studio or gym, but our instructors and wonderful clients welcome all new members with open arms!  So grab a friend and bring them in!  All new members receive $10 off any package purchased that day. But that’s not the only person being rewarded!  If you’re new member friend buys a package, you (the client) will also receive $10 off your next purchase at TFB. 
We again, want to thank all of you for your continued support!  We ask that you Please help us to continue to spread the word about The Fitness Barre by liking us on FaceBook and following us on social media. We love having each and every one of you at the studio and look forward to many more classes with your smiling faces! 

                                                  For more information, please feel free to contact us @:
                                                                p. 724.591.8180

Stay Happy and Healthy, 
Morgan Day & Kevin Mayberry - TFB Owners