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The Grand Opening of the Fitness Barre is Almost Here!

As the holidays come to an end and we put away the decor & take down the lights, life slowly starts to come back together again, but sometimes we find ourselves struggling to get back to a routine. Do you ever wonder, if maybe your old routine wasn’t the right one for you??

Another year is winding down and a new one is just around the corner. What will you do to better yourself this year? As you stand here today, what are your personal goals? What would you like to achieve this year and going forward? Are you the best version of you that you could be? As you answer these questions, does your everyday routine help you become that person you’re wanting to be? If not….change it. It’s as simple as that. The only person standing in the way of you and your Goals & Dreams…is YOU.

Here at The Fitness Barre, we want to help you achieve your health & fitness goals in 2015! With our social media outlets & this blog, we’re talking about much more than just working out. We love sharing health and wellness tips, facts, recipes and advice, but we’re interested in every aspect of a healthy lifestyle and will continue to dig up new and exciting information to share with our followers.

If a healthier lifestyle is what your aiming to achieve this year, then come get motivated at our Grand Opening events on January 4th and 11th from 8am-5:30pm. We’ll have healthy snacks, instructor meet and greets, registration for new clients, local health & wellness vendor displays & give aways, raffle prizes, and FREE CLASSES! We’ll also be kick starting our grand opening specials starting January 4th! These limited time savings are HUGE, so don’t miss out on them!

The new year is a great time to start fresh and focus on yourself. You’ve spent so much time and energy throughout the holidays doing so much for others, that now is the time to redirect that energy onto yourself. Don’t let another day, month, or 2015 slip by and you find yourself in the same old routine. Don’t get me wrong, routine is good; but we need to continue to challenge ourselves in different ways both mentally and physically for a healthy, long, fruitful life. Keeping the same ole routine doesn’t allow us to do so. Whether your goals include learning a new language, sport, recreational activity, or how to cook Mediterranean food or roll your own sushi…make a New Year’s Resolution to spend a little time each and every day on yourself. Awaken senses you never knew you had with knowledge and activities that can change your outlook on life in only the most positive ways.

Here’s to a Fruitful, Wonderful, New Year!

Stay happy & healthy,

Morgan Day -TFB owner
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How to Stay Fit this Holiday Season

Healthy Holiday

With the holidays come so many good things: Family time, Christmas shopping, hot cocoa and warm fires. But with all of those delicious treats and time spent lounging on the couch watching reruns of ‘A Christmas Story’, staying fit gets pushed to the sidelines quite easily. So, take a look at the list we’ve created below to keep yourself healthy and make time to stay fit during the holiday season! 

Plan Ahead

Do you travel for the holidays? From sitting in an airport to riding the bus to driving up the coast, if you travel, you’ll probably be doing a lot of sitting, and less exercise. So plan ahead. If you know you will be travelling, schedule your routine with your travel times in mind. Amp up your fitness before and after travel, and be proactive. Starting a schedule for your exercise routine will make it so you dedicate time to your work out. (Tip: write in pen!)

Enjoy in Moderation

There are always so many yummy appetizers and desserts. Don’t try and skip out, it’s not really possible –especially with your moms cooking. Instead, try those tasty crab cakes and really savor the flavor… Instead of going back for a 4th.

Don’t be ‘Too Busy’ to Exercise

The holidays can make you crazy –from shopping to baking to finding the perfect outfit to wear to the Christmas party at work, we all have less time around the holidays. But that doesn’t mean you should cut out exercise. Instead, try an early morning workout. It will keep you in your routine, instead of having to make it your new years resolution.. The Fitness Barre has classes starting at 515AM so you can fit your work out in –no matter your schedule!

Bring Healthy

Instead of bringing your famous cheesecake, bring a garlic-herb dip with fresh vegetables. That way you can snack healthily, and everyone else can too. Spread health! (And who doesn’t love a good vegetable dip?!) Click here for a list of Healthy Dips and Spreads.

Start Healthy Traditions

Is your family tradition to watch ‘A Christmas Story’ 3 times in a row? It is a classic, but…. Maybe it’s time to start a new, more active tradition. Perhaps taking a nice long walk after breakfast, having a snowball fight with the kids, or going skiing. Turn you holiday tradition into one that doubles as exercise, and motivate the whole family while having fun!

Holiday Hydration

The Holidays are a time to celebrate. There are some drinking tips you should keep in mind, especially when it comes to alcoholic holiday drinks. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eat something beforehand –nuts, cheese and crackers, etc. to make the alcohol take effect slower. Drinking before eating can also make you hungrier and overeat. Instead of slugging beer, have one and then a water. Try a light beer with a lemon/lime wedge. Avoid salty foods while drinking –they just make you more thirsty!

And lastly, take in the frosty air, family time, and cheer. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Happy Holidays from everyone at The Fitness Barre.

happy healthy holiday wishes